What if you knew every step you needed to take to make money each month?

30 Days to 10K 

Starts December 1

30 Days to 10k               

Starts December 1                          

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You are not an average coach or online business owner. 

And you know this deep in your core.

Your dreams are extraordinary, you serve with high value and in quiet moments, you deeply believe that you are doing what you are called to do.

So why, then are you getting what feels like average results in your business?

Your business ought to:

  • bring in an income to cover its expenses,
  • take care of your family with enough left over to take down debt,
  • start savings and allow you to significantly contribute to your favourite charities.

If it is not profitable, you owe it to yourself to find out why and put in the mindset and strategy tools you need for your unique business.

This 30-day challenge was designed for above ordinary men and women who want to serve with excellence and bring abundance into their lives in a very un-ordinary way.

Previous participants have had amazing results

  • 30% of the original participants who signed on made more than 10k.
  • 30% of the original participants moved into 4-6k months;
  • 19% started their businesses and made money by the end of the 30 days; and
  • 14% doubled or tripled their previous quarter’s income.

If you are a coach or online entrepreneur and you want to accelerate the profitability of your business and build a foundation for the New Year . . . in a very extraordinary way, this 30-day Challenge is for you.

The challenge will include:

  • Membership in a private facebook group where steps and classes will be delivered
  • Daily steps in mindset, strategy and action for  30 days
  • Trainings and tools to help your success identity clarity on your client's hopes you will help them solve and the critical details that must be in your premium impact offer
  • Tools and a training on how to use your messaging and content to help your potential clients make a decision about working with you before they’ve even met you
  • Group coaching sessions where you can ask questions and get answers every week
  • The opportunity to practice being visible in a safe group with your content or going live
  • Feedback in the group to your mindset or business strategy questions
  • Encouragement at every step and celebration of every win
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I took part in the 30 days to 10K Challenge in November. To say I was skeptical at the start was an understatement, but given the crazy of this year what did I have to lose? Well by day 12 I had already achieved 50% of my income goal for the month and by the end, I had more than doubled my income from the previous month. If you're sitting on the fence about joining, I encourage you to take the leap. You really won't regret the decision. It's easy to follow and you will definitely see results.

Gill Jorgenson
Abstract Admin 

"This challenge has a way of grabbing the soul of your business and helping it to sing.  I cannot wait for the next one."

Shaina Hargens
The Connection Queen

At the end of the 30-Day 10k Foundations Accelerator, you will be able to clearly spot ideal clients who are perfect to work with you, have a plan for connecting with them, aligning with them, serving them with your offer and helping them make a decision to work with you.

“I just made the first money I’ve made from my business after working a whole year.”

“I just crossed the 10k mark, Beverly.  My husband is so proud it made me cry.”

 “Beverly, you do not know what this means to me.  I think I just changed my life.”

I really want every single one of you to feel completely confident finishing up 2020 and moving into 2021 that you know exactly what you need to do every single day to show up as a strong leader and take the intentional actions that will make you visible to your perfect client and invite them to buy from you.

~Beverly JoLynn ~

30 Days to 10k Foundation Challenge

You are the leader in your business and you can make money.  Start now,  step by step with the training and coaching support you need.

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